The Traffic Light System



Atkinson House School is committed to promoting good attendance for all students. Students, parents and carers will be offered support and guidance in order to help students access all that is on offer at school.

The school now operates a traffic light system which enables all staff at Atkinson House to be consistent in our approach to improving attendance. It helps to inform students, parents and carers about what represents good attendance, and what to expect if attendance falls below acceptable levels.

Students will see traffic lights like these on display in their form rooms. Form tutors will spend time with students , to discuss how attendance links with learning and the rewards system.

Parents and carers will receive a weekly report about their son’s learning and behaviour.

On it they will see one of the stickers as explained below. Amber or Red stickers indicate a level of attendance which is not acceptable.

Green – Your son’s attendance is 95% —100%

Amber – Your son’s attendance is 86% —94% 

Red – Your son’s attendance is below 85%