Gambia Link

Mr Ebrima Jadama

Mr Ebrima Jadama

Head Teacher

The Head Teacher from Gambia has visited the UK twice to develop his understanding of education in the UK.

The visits have allowed Ebrima to meet many different schools around the North East, discussing and informing many hundreds of people about the school, culture and way of life in the Gambia. Pupils and staff alike across the authority have found this invaluable in their understanding and respect for others.

The school now boasts a Mini Bus for hire as a local taxi and coach service for many different duties. Alongside this we have an internet cafe and welding workshop supporting our school.

We aim to continue to support and make progress with the school for many years. We have had three visits to the school with pupils and staff from Atkinson House which has been very successful for all involved.

Over the last eight years Atkinson House School and Ashfield Nursery School in Newcastle have invested in the development and management of a Nursery School in Gambia, which caters for some 340 pupils ageing from 3- 7 years old.

Over the years we have been very fortunate to support the school progress with many different fund raisers to allow us to raise cash to pay for staff salaries and school maintenance. We have completed a Zip Wire from the Tyne Bridge, Music Evenings, Coffee mornings,  Non School Uniform Days, sponsored runs, bike rides triathlons and an Iron Man.

All of which have raised valuable funds for the school. Over the years we have been able to deliver containers full of resources and good for the school and community. Our overall aim has been to make the school self sustainable with industries based in the Gambia providing income for the school and employment for locals. Recently we have achieved this with the delivery of a mini bus to Gambia!!

Ms Cree and pupils visited the local Womens fellowship and chatted about our work in Gambia.

A small presentation of pictures and information for all to see and discuss.

Thanks for the invitation to celebrate our achievements and meet so many wonderful people.