Intervention & Support

At Atkinson House school intervention often begins before children attend the school. The staff team at AHS liaise with support staff from their previous school as well as the pupils themselves and their parents/carers. This helps us to build the best possible picture of the pupil with which to begin the process of providing a high quality, personalised education.

When children attend Atkinson House School the induction process begins with the pupil and their families and any support networks. This may include meetings with children, home visits, collecting the views and experiences of children and staff in school. All parents/carers will visit the school and meet with senior staff and tour the school to ensure this is the correct placement for all concerned.

Once pupils arrive in school they are settled in with their Form Tutors with the support of the Family Support Officer. The teaching staff team then accommodate the pupil in class and complete subject specific baseline assessments to identify the child’s skills and knowledge to give a sound basis for learning. The pastoral team will also carry out an SDQ assessment with the pupil to identify their level of pastoral need and those who draw concern are given 1:1 or small group intervention support. Termly Parent Partnership Days (PPD) are also used to gather parental/ carer input and this will be supported by descriptive feedback from staff in school and the SDQ scores to set personalised targets for pupils to work towards. Targets are reviewed at each PPD and provide the basis for positive, constructive school: home dialogue.

In class pupils receive strong support with maximum group sizes of 8 with support from 2 members of staff. We offer a wide variety of lessons in our curriculum from motor vehicle mechanics to outdoor adventurous activities and STEM. Our pupils receive a wealth of opportunities on a daily basis from personalised timetables to afternoon curriculum option choices and additional extra-curricular activities. However, we also provide opportunities for our pupil’s to develop healthy lifestyles and associated skillsets centred around hygiene, healthy eating, cookery, emotional intelligence, physical literacy and active lifestyle hobbies. Our aim is to provide a bespoke curriculum that challenges our pupils and affords them an education they can enjoy.

As a school our ethos is to provide an empathetic approach to meeting individual needs. We are solution focussed team and ultimately we are here to provide opportunities for pupils to succeed. We have a small intervention team who undertake additional 1:1 and small groups support with targeted pupils to address any pastoral, literacy or numeracy concerns. We currently have 26 30 minute sessions timetabled each week. The intervention team are staff with training or expertise in areas of literacy, numeracy and SEMH pastoral support. The team provide focused learning to support the personalised development of fundamental skills in Maths, English and PSHE. The intervention team are a dedicated group of 8 staff who support pupils and subject areas in meeting the needs of children. This work help our pupils to access the curriculum more effectively and assist them in becoming a more integrated member of our school’s culture.

At Atkinson House School we believe working with parents and carers is essential to give children the best opportunities and experiences. We have excellent communication with parents/carers and continually look to support the pathway of the individual pupil and family. Regular home: school contact through phone calls, meetings, reviews, reports and our PPD’s are a key contributor to improving our pupils’ educational experience and we are committed to working effectively with all parents/ carers throughout their child’s career here at Atkinson House School.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Intervention Team Leads if you would like more information.

Mr M Hutchison

Ms F Walton

Mrs L Thomson 

Intervention Room

Atkinson House are pleased to have opened our new Intervention Space. This area has been purposely designed to create a safe and calm area for students who need some extra support, either in curriculum areas or through pastoral support sessions.

The room has been designed to allow students access to an area free of noise and clutter, which some of our students can find very distracting, to allow them to focus on areas of personal development. We also have the option to light the room using lamps, rather than the strip lighting, which can also be detrimental for students with sensory issues.

Students who need intervention in academic areas will be identified on a half termly basis through assessment, and offered a package of 1-1 sessions to target their areas for development. Students who are experiencing periods of difficulty with their behaviour and emotions will also be offered mentoring and support in this space.

We hope this space will allow students the chance to have dedicated and targeted support for their individual needs to help them grow and succeed both academically and personally.