We are a welcoming school and are always very happy to answer enquiries regarding the admission of new students.  All of our pupils are required to have An Education Healthcare Plan (EHCP) and pupil places are allocated via the Special Educational Needs Department (SEND) at Northumberland County Council (NCC).

If you are interested in a school place, please telephone or email us so we can arrange an appointment. Our school receptionist will ensure that you are put in touch with the right people who can arrange a visit for you, answer your questions and provide you with key documents to read about the way we work.

During a visit we will show you around the school, tell you what we offer our students  and advise on how to make the transition to becoming a student of our school as simple and smooth as possible.

All our applications are handled via Northumberland County Council.

SEND NCC: 01670 623555 or 01670 620350


To book an appointment to visit:

Telephone: 0191 298 0838 or Email: