Mr Hutchison organised for MC Stretch to come into school and run an mc session as part of our KS4 daily curriculum option afternoon’s. The lads spent an hour learning about how to write lyrics and even wrote some of their own before Stretch set them on their way on the mic after a quick demonstration of how it’s done! The lads were absolutely amazing and it was a pleasure to see them engage and produce some fantastic ‘english language’ work through a medium with which they have real talent and enthusiasm. Stretch and myself were blown away with some of their work and their ability to step out of their comfort zone and perform on the mic infront of everyone else; it was a real pleasure to experience. The lads liked it so much they are looking to organise a key fund in order to raise the money so they can have their own sound studio on site with all the kit and equipment. I think this will be a real positive for the school and the lads and I know Stretch is looking forward to coming back in to help make this happen. Watch this space!