Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Atkinson House School is designed to provide all pupils with a broad, balanced education relevant to their needs both now and in the future. Whilst we are fully committed to the National Curriculum, indeed it is our pupil’s entitlement, it is this very curriculum that they have failed to cope with in mainstream schooling.

The school curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that each school plans for its pupils. The national curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum.

At Atkinson House School pupils receive a range of National Curriculum subject areas. They are taught; English, Maths, Science, Design Technology, Computing and Information Communication Technology, Humanities, Physical Education, Religious Education and Personal Health Social Education which includes Citizenship.

Within the Vocational areas we have opportunities for Bricklaying, Plastering, Ground Works, Landscaping and Basic Building Maintenance and Motor Vehicle Maintenance (MVM).

Atkinson House School invests in the curriculum areas and is very flexible to the ever changing needs of our pupils. We currently offer Bush Craft and Beach Skills to Year 7 pupils as we look to develop their independence, confidence and group work skills. Across the physical education curriculum we have created many opportunities for pupils to access a wide range of activities; Archery, Climbing, Power Lifting Club, Gym/Weights, Boxercise, Cardio Work, Adventure Play as well as many other core areas.

Within the Food Technology lessons, we offer L1 & L2 Food Hygiene certificates, sugar craft skills as well as up to 200 different recipes over the key stages. Developing independent living skills, food preparation skills and food nutrition are key to pupil development and support throughout their career at Atkinson House School.

Atkinson House School is at the early stages of revitalizing the Careers and Enterprise Programme.  As a school we will establish a stable programme of careers education and guidance that will be known and understood by pupils, parents, teachers, governors and employers.  Through our Career and Enterprise Programme all pupils will gain an understanding in the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them.

We aim to tailor the curriculum to the ever changing needs of our pupils.


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