Pupil Premium


The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is a means to address potential inequalities between pupils eligible for free school meals and their peers, by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.

Pupil Premium is allocated to individual schools, per free school meal pupils, and it is for schools to decide how this money is best spent. Due to the nature of our cohort we use our current funding as an integral part of the overall school budget, to meet the needs of all learners.


Pupil Premium 2017-18

Pupil Premium Grant


Pupil Premium per pupil Total number of pupils Total Allocation
Ever 6 FSM £935 58 £54, 230
Looked After Children (LAC) £1900 6 £10,434
Service Children £300 1 £300
Total expenditure: £64,964

For information on the impact of the previous years expenditure please see below;


Potential barriers to learning at Atkinson House School

  • All pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium have an Education, Health and Care Plan which is reviewed annually as part of the review process. The SEN department of the Local Authority work in collaboration with school to ensure individual pupils access the most appropriate provision, with a multitude of opportunities to progress.
  • All pupils have complex SEMH learning needs and have had varied life and academic experiences dependent on their background. Each individual pupil has unique circumstances but most have significant difficulties with social interaction and communication, which, presents as the most significant barrier to learning at Atkinson House School.
  • Pupils start from below age related expectations when entering at year 7 which impacts on their long term achievements. Pupils begin Atkinson House with a very limited experience of independent learning and find it a very difficult transition due to the nature of their individual need.
  • Pupil’s potential disengagement with reading and writing due to specific learning difficulties could present as a barrier to attainment, however, Atkinson House support specific interventions across the curriculum to promote literacy and numeracy to develop engagement and confidence.
  • Independence, confidence, resilience and the ability to problem solve in everyday situations requires support at every stage of the curriculum to ensure that pupils are fully prepared for life beyond Atkinson House School.
  • Pupil’s vulnerability when faced with complex social dilemmas, such as the use of social media and positive personal interaction or could present as a barrier. Pupil’s social and emotional well-being is of vital importance to staff to ensure safety and engagement; this could be a potential barrier to future attainment if issues are not addressed immediately.
  • Attendance and punctuality are crucial for continued progress but could present as a barrier due to difficult family circumstances. The diverse range of need encourages teachers to be dynamic and flexible with their support. Collaborative working is essential to ensure that all staff can fully address the individual need of each pupil; this is reliant on parental engagement throughout pupil’s time at Atkinson House School. Parents are encouraged to support the child’s development on many scales and become involved with a positive experience of school life.
  • Atkinson House invest in staff to develop the range of initiatives to support parents and carers. We have both an Attendance Manager and Family Support worker to support many variables.


Pupil Premium Allocation/Identified Need

  • Transition into school is a very difficult time for pupils. We have invested in an Attendance Manager and a Family Support Worker to welcome and engage all parents and pupils into school.
  • Our current Year 7 Pastoral Head manages transition for new students into Yr 7.
  • School is able to timetable 1:1 interventions and withdrawal/support for targeted pupils.
  • Pastoral, Support, Literacy, Numeracy and More Able Pupils identified for Intervention.
  • Funding can provide additional specific equipment based on need.
  • School has enhanced the Outdoor Education curriculum, including gym, rock climbing and water based activities. We also encompass the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Bush Craft, Enterprise Initiatives, Community Support, Garden Design and development as well as entrepreneurial skills.
  • We invest in school transport to facilitate and enhance the learning of our pupils, giving far more opportunities for independence, confidence, and resilience in all external visits and opportunities.
  • Theatrical events, such as Bullying Awareness are provided to support health & wellbeing.
  • External partners visit with support health initiatives on Parent Partnership days.
  • Transport is provided for parents and families to attend school on three Parent Partnership Days
  • School is able to subsidise a Breakfast Club for pupils. This is a response to the problem of many pupils arriving without having had breakfast and then unable to participate in the curriculum
  • More independent learning at KS4 with a flexible curriculum offered to meet the needs of the individualised learning pathway.
  • Continued “structured KS3” curriculum with flexibility to meet the needs of all learners.