Children are referred for Special Education at Atkinson House School through Northumberland County Council Admissions Panel. More information, including contact details, can be found at

Written referrals will be sent to the Head Teacher by the Local Authority in order for the school to consider whether the child’s Statement of Educational Needs or Health, Education and Social Care Plan can be met at Atkinson House School.

The Head teacher and senior staff will consider the papers and inform Northumberland County Council SEN Department informing them of their admissions decision.


The school will continually liaise with the LEA Special Needs Officer for the school’s pyramid concerning the pupil roll. This information will be available to the statements panel.

1. Following a statements panel meeting the paperwork on any pupil the LEA wishes to place at Atkinson House School will be sent to the head teacher.

2. The LEA will seek the head teacher’s observations about the appropriateness of the placement. These views may be in respect of the pupil himself or numbers / organisational issues within the school.

3. If the head teacher feels that there are issues that make placement inappropriate, then he will indicate this in writing. The LEA and school will then try to find a mutually acceptable way forward.

4. If the head teacher considers that placement is appropriate then he will initiate placement procedures, in consultation with the LEA, as appropriate.



Please see our Admission Policy for criteria and pre-arrival procedure



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