Rewards and Sanctions


Points in Lesson

A pupil may earn a maximum of 15 points in each lesson (180 points per day), using the RACE system (Rules, Attitude, Commination and Effort).

Friday Rewards

The points earned over the week, see above, are added together and if the pupil has earned 836 or less then the pupil has not been performing at an acceptable level. The consequence is that the pupil is on work groups. This means that they spend Friday afternoon catching up on the work that they have failed to do during lesson time.

Morning Break

At break pupils meet in the dining hall. If their behaviour has been acceptable for the first part of the morning they may earn their morning break.


At any time a pupil may be given a merit. This is for anything that the teacher feels the pupil has done above what would be normally expected. A merit may be exchanged for a game of pool or to go on the X-Boxes. If you save up 4 merits you can exchange them for an item from the tuck shop.

Head Teacher's Awards

These are earned by pupils when they produce a particularly good piece of work. The teacher will give a Head Teacher’s Award. This is recognised in assembly and a certificate is given out. Once a pupil has earned 10 Head Teacher’s Awards then they are taken to McDonalds for their lunch.

End of Term Trips

At the end of term trips are organised to such places as fishing at Fontburn Reservoir, Wet N Wild and Flamingo Land. Pupils may earn a place on these trips.

Additional payment(s) from parents/carers may be required to contribute to enrichment activites during term time and school holidays.


Morning Break Detention

At break pupils meet in the dining hall. If their behaviour has not been acceptable for the first two lesson, or from the previous afternoon then the pupil is on detention.

Lunchtime Detention

If a pupil’s behaviour has not been acceptable after break then the pupil is on detention at lunch time.

After School Detention

Sometimes pupils are kept back at the end of the school day for a detention. This may be to finish work off or to clear up a mess that they have made. Home contact is made before this occurs.

Bullying Sheet

If a pupil is seen, or known to be, bullying then the teacher may give them a bullying sheet. This means that the pupil is on detention until they have completed the bullying sheet.

Home Contact

On occasions we will undertake a home visit, with the pupil present, to make parents aware of the problems in school and to obtain parental support for our efforts. The effect of parents and school working together usually has a beneficial effect on the pupil.


As a last resort time limited exclusions are used. Usually these are for three days duration.