SEN Local Offer


What kind of SEN provision is available at Atkinson House School

This is a maintained day special school for pupils/boys aged 11 – 19 years. Pupils will be provided with an appropriately paced, differentiated and varied curriculum. We currently have places for up to 80 pupils.

At Atkinson House School the pupils’ identified needs will be SEMH (Social Emotional & Mental Health) learning difficulties as well as many other associated factors. The admission arrangements for our pupils can be found on our website within the admission policy.

How will Atkinson House School identify and assess my child’s special needs?

All pupils will have been assessed for and have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

How does Atkinson House School evaluate the effectiveness of our provision?

We have robust procedures for self evaluation of our work, including using our School Improvement Partner, governors and Northumberland County Council representatives to quality assure the work we do. In addition the school self-evaluation cycle is based upon the Ofsted evaluation schedule looking at the areas: Behaviour and Safety, Quality of Teaching, Achievement, and Leadership and Management and Post 16 provision.

How do I know how well my child is doing at Atkinson House School?

During each term you will have an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher, to discuss progress and set individual, bespoke targets which are mutually agreed. Once a year as part of the annual review you will be given a report which outlines the progress your child is making. You will also receive an end of year report. In addition to this you are welcome to discuss your child’s progress with school staff at any time.

How will the staff support my child and how will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

All planning is differentiated for each child and the support provided for each individual child is outlined in the statement/ EHCP/ care plan and individual learning plans for each child. School staff are supported by members of other professions that may have contact with your child. Pupil progress meetings are held for all pupils three times annually to support teaching staff in delivering high quality individualised learning for each child.

How do we adapt the curriculum at Atkinson House School?

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and adapted to ensure it is exciting, relevant and individualised. We foster an enjoyment in learning while ensuring that the core skills of literacy, numeracy, life skills and social and emotional skills are developed.

What additional support for learning is available?

As part of the work of Atkinson House School we constantly review and adapt the support required for pupils with the aim of ensuring that all become as independent as possible. We work with other professionals to do this, engaging with Careers professionals, multiple agencies and health professionals.

What further activities are available in addition to the curriculum activities?

Atkinson House School runs a range of activities such as trampolining, football, climbing, basketball, Archery, Duke of Edinburgh, cookery and football throughout the day as part of their curriculm. The pupils have had input into these and can suggest other options that we will attempt to accommodate. We also offer pupil trips to Europe and Africa when funds are available to do so.

What support is there for social and emotional development at Atkinson House School?

The development of social and emotional skills is at the very core of all our work. All the staff work with a clear behaviour policy that promotes pupil respect and decision making. Within the personal development curriculum social and emotional skills are a fundamental aspect of work.  In addition each class works closely with families to support pupils.

What training is provided to develop staff expertise?

All of our staff have undertaken significant training and qualifications and continue to do so throughout the academic year. Statutory training is undertaken and all develop their skills in curriculum delivery to enhance learning. In addition we provide training opportunities to those training to be teachers and support workers. We also support professional learning to meet the needs of staff and pupils on a regular basis.

We regularly update specific training to maintain continuity and awareness of needs.

How are families involved in the education of their children?

At Atkinson House School – parents are fully included in the process of working with their children.

This includes:

  • Initial visits to school
  • Home visits for pupils and introductory meetings for all
  • Home/school report sheets for information exchanges and key messages
  • Three times a year parent/teacher meetings
  • A report at the end of the year
  • Annual Review meeting and report
  • Parent workshops and training
  • School Fayre and Coffee mornings
  • Parental Representation on Governing Body
  • Parent involvement in changes in school through informal and formal consultations
  • Regular questionnaires of families
  • Regular newsletter and text updates

How do young people consulted about their views in relation to their education?

All pupils in our school are treated with dignity and respect. There is full personalisation of the curriculum for each pupil in order that they can access and experience success throughout their school life.  The School Council invites pupils to contribute to and decide on aspects of school life relating to their needs.  The assessment and annual review process of EHCPs includes the choices and views of pupils.

What do I do if I have a concern about the provision at Atkinson House School?

In the first instance please contact your child’s class teacher. If you still have a concern then please contact the Head teacher. There is a complaints policy available on our website.

What are the school’s arrangements for supporting pupils in transferring between phases of education or in preparing for adulthood?

All transitions are well planned for throughout school as pupils move from class to class and to a new key stage.

Pupils are increasingly supported in planning for their transition from secondary to further education. Transition experiences are provided for pupils and we work with colleges and alternative to ensure transition is as positive as possible for our young people as they leave secondary provision. Pupils joining us in school will have the opportunity to visit, receive a home visit and have a taster session prior to their September start. We work closely with families to ensure the move from part time to full time schooling is appropriate to the individual needs to the child.  Pupils joining in other year groups will have sensitive, appropriate transition arrangements made depending upon their specific needs and circumstances.

Where can I get further information and support?

Click on the link below and this will take you to our website page where you will find our admission arrangements and equality policy.

Where can I get information about the LA local offer?

Click here and this will take you to the LA local offer page on the Northumberalnd website.

Further information can be accessed by contacting school directly

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