Ethos & Values

An Ethos of Excellence

Within our ‘Ethos of Excellence’ we have six key areas:

Excellence in Communication
A culture of mutual respect, trust, responsibility and co-operation is ensured by giving all a voice

Excellence in Teaching
Inspirational teaching, using a deep understanding of pedagogy, ensures a love of learning

Excellence in Learner Experiences
Inspirational learner opportunities ensure a love of learning

Excellence in Wellbeing
Wellbeing is ensured for all by a supportive, caring and inclusive environment

Excellence in Leadership
Leadership guides, models and empowers; ensuring a sense of ownership and inclusion

Excellence in Progress & Outcomes
Equality of opportunity ensures all learners are nurtured and supported to achieve their full potential

Core Values

Every day, all staff will hold and apply he school’s Core Values in everything they do. Equally, staff will make every effort to embed these core values with all students too.


  • Professionalism in day to day interactions with staff and students so that we do what is right, not what is popular or easy. Doing the right thing, even when no-one is looking  


  • Putting a flame to the ‘candle’ inside someone’s heart or mind, and helping him or her to see what is possible 


  • Several minds working together to provide the best learning experience by accessing the best resources, and ensuring these are made available to all


  • Setting a clear goal which is outside your everyday aims, and having the deep desire or passion to achieve this, sometimes against the odds


  • Making the decision that everyone matters equally, and working to ensure that this is the way we operate every day